Las Vegas AWWA Cal-Nev Conference Tour Overview


Wednesday, October 25th: Las Vegas Wash Tour

The Las Vegas Wash is an "urban" river that connects the Las Vegas Valley with Lake Mead, our community's primary source of drinking water. The Wash carries more than 200 million gallons of water per day, fed by reclaimed water, urban runoff, shallow groundwater and stormwater.  Wetlands at the Wash serve as "nature's kidneys," cleaning the water that runs through them by filtering out harmful contaminants.  AWWA participants will tour a variety of interest areas along the wash and learn about wash operations, maintenance, and initiatives. 


8:00am – Depart Rio Hotel

8:30am – Arrive at 33 Hole Overlook

o   Lower Wash

o   Lake Mead Water Quality

8:50am – Depart for Northshore

9:00am – Arrive at Northshore Rd Trailhead

o   LV Wash/Weir 5 Construction site

9:10am – Depart for Powerline Crossing Weir

9:15am – Arrive at Powerline Crossing Weir

o   Wash Green-Ups

o   Invasive weeds and revegetation contract

o   Water quality monitoring

9:40am - Depart for Downstream Pabco South

9:50am – Arrive at Downstream Pabco South

o   BOR grant for restoring/enhancing riparian area

o   LVVWAC update

10:10am – Depart for Rio

10:50am – Arrive at the Rio

Thursday, October 26th: Springs Preserve Tour

Commonly known as the "birthplace of Las Vegas," the Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural institution designed to commemorate Las Vegas' dynamic history and to provide a vision for a sustainable future.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978, the site served as the original source of water for Native Americans living here thousands of years ago.  AWWA members will tour the entire facility, including these exhibits:

·       WaterWorks features dynamic, hands-on experiences that will engage visitors in the inner-workings of water-resource treatment and delivery in Southern Nevada

·       The Global Terrace features interactive exhibits about worldwide water challenges and explores how organizations like ONE DROP™ are connecting people to protect vital water supplies around the globe.

·       The Origen Museum, the interpretive focal point for history at the Springs Preserve which features more than 75 permanent exhibits, an indoor theater and traveling exhibit space.

·       The NV Energy Foundation Sustainability Gallery, where visitors can learn about living a more eco-friendly lifestyle through a bevy of activities and programming focused on recycling, composting, alternative energy, sustainable construction and water conservation.


8:00am – Depart Rio Hotel and Casino
8:25am – Arrive at Springs Preserve
8:30am – Begin tour
10:30am – Board bus and depart for Rio
10:50am – Arrive at Rio