Cross Connection Specialist Examination

Each Cross Connection Specialist applicant must submit the following items:
1) Completed application (all requested information)
2) Exam payment ($210 Members, $230 Non-Members)
3) Proof of qualifications:
  • Be able to carry out all duties and responsibilities associated with the Cross Connection Specialist Certification Program that has been approved by the regulatory agency having jurisdiction.
  • Be able to speak and comprehend the English language to the extent that effective communications can be had with co-workers and the public.
  • Have attained his/her 18th birthday
  • Successfully complete a Course of Instruction and currently hold a CA-NV AWWA Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification

4) Send all the above to the Section Office no later than 20 days prior to the examination.

                                                                Mail:    P.O. Box 638, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
                                                                Email:  Gina  Enriquez
                                                                Fax:      (909) 481-4688

When your application is approved you will be notified of various testing locations. You will be allowed to schedule your exam at a convenient time and place. When you pass, you can expect to receive your Certification Card within 30 business days after the exam.

CA-NV AWWA Certified Cross Connection Specialists

Click HERE to download the list.

Exam Dates

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Exam XCC - Rancho Cucamonga10/30/2021
Exam XCC - Las Vegas11/19/2021
Exam XCC - Sunnyvale12/10/2021
Exam XCC - Madera12/11/2021
Exam XCC - Sacramento5/6/2022

Important Contacts

Gina Enriquez
Certification Specialist

(909) 291-2100

Steven Garner
Certification Manager

(916) 798-0220

Ben Bennett
Committee Chair
Certification Committee
(408) 734-3569