Class and Event Schedule

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event or training class.
All certification exams are subject to close prior to the 20-day cut off due to full capacity.
Please allow up to 30 days from course completion for contact hours to be processed.

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8/23/2022Customer ServiceOnline Webinar 
8/24/2022Advanced Water Treatment Topics: Track DONLINE WEBINAR 
8/24/2022Distribution Systems: Aging Infrastructure & Water QualityONLINE WEBINAR 
9/7/2022Basic Water TreatmentONLINE WEBINAR 
9/7/2022Pumps, Motors, HydraulicsONLINE WEBINAR 
9/9/2022Exam BF - Las VegasLas VegasNV
9/15/2022UV Disinfection & AOP TechnologyONLINE WEBINAR 
9/16/2022Backflow Refresher - Rancho CucamongaRancho CucamongaCA
9/16/2022Backflow Refresher - West SacramentoWest SacramentoCA
9/16/2022Exam BF - Las VegasLas VegasNV
9/19/2022Backflow Tester Course - Rancho CucamongaRancho CucamongaCA
9/19/2022Backflow Tester Course - West SacramentoWest SacramentoCA
9/19/2022T1-T2 Math ReviewONLINE WEBINAR 
9/19/2022T1-T2 ReviewONLINE WEBINAR 
9/20/2022Water Audit Validator CertificateWebinar 
9/21/2022T3-T4 Math ReviewONLINE WEBINAR 
9/21/2022T3-T4 ReviewONLINE WEBINAR 
9/24/2022Exam BF - SacramentoSacramentoCA
10/1/2022Exam BF - SunnyvaleSunnyvaleCA
10/4/2022Intermediate Water TreatmentONLINE WEBINAR