California Water Rate Setting Under Proposition 218: A Practical Guidebook
A publication of the California-Nevada American Water Works Association Financial Management Committee. 

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AFC2018 George A. Elliott Memorial Award winners: (L to R) Chair Kate Nutting congratulates recipients Tom Bloomer (Murraysmith) and Rosie Thompson (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) with Past Chair, Uzi Daniel.

Rosie Thompson
Metropolitan Water District of Southern CA

"The 2018 CA-NV AWWA Fall Conference was a great experience for all attendees. The wide range of topics covered in the various technical programs, from accessibility to safe and affordable drinking water to women in leadership, provides an opportunity to gain more knowledge and meet professionals in different areas that appeal to you. And, everyone at the conference is approachable, willing to share their knowledge, and experience. 

CA-NV AWWA is a unique community that I feel fortunate to be a part of.  As a volunteer-based association, the enthusiasm and commitment that is consistently displayed by the staff, leadership and members is nothing short of impressive and inspiring.  CA-NV AWWA always encourages and welcomes your participation and involvement.  If there is a committee or issue you want to directly engage in to influence or help facilitate change, there is ample opportunity and support. 

Admittedly, I am a relative newcomer to CA-NV AWWA, as I became Chair of the Government Affairs Committee in 2015 only after a couple of years of being a committee member. But, the sincere interest and constructive input I received from the three Section Chairs and the Governing Board, with the goal of further evolving CA-NV AWWA into a more engaged presence in the legislative arenas, was equally met with the participation and involvement from the committee members and others within CA-NV AWWA that contributed to a sincerely fun and exciting tenure.   While my term has ended, I will always value the experience and the ability to further develop my own leadership skills, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with the larger membership of CA-NV AWWA.  And, as I explore other areas within CA-NV AWWA, I am now lucky enough to be the Vice-Chair to the Energy and Sustainability Committee, where there is a need and interest to delve into a variety of issues that are directly impacting CA-NV AWWA members as we adjust to climate change.  

In short, if you want to expand your knowledge-base, network with professionals from all areas of water, and contribute to a recognized and respected organization, then get engaged and take advantage of what CA-NV AWWA has to offer!"


Chris Martinez
President, AWWA Student Chapter
Cuyamaca College

"The AWWA CA-NV Fall 2018 Conference was a great conference to attend! The theme of sustainability really set the tone for the conference and reminded us that we need to protect our resources. As a young professional and a new member of AWWA, attending the conference for the first time was a great experience, but also an awesome opportunity to represent my AWWA School Chapter as President for Cuyamaca College in Rancho San Diego. At the conference I was able to get great industry insight about what this is all about from talking to engineers, consultants, operators, AWWA committee members and a variety of professional representatives from different water agencies. Meeting other students from different school chapters was also a great way to network and see how they integrate their AWWA student chapter with their school and education.

The theme of sustainability was a common link in all of the technical sessions I attended and it was great to see..."

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