A collaboration of statewide stakeholders that meets as a guidance group and/or in specific breakout forums to share successes and lessons learned as utilities embrace non-revenue water (NRW) best practices to deliver safe, high quality water, in a way that is economically efficient.  The statewide Water Loss Control Collaborative produces research, awareness, outreach, and technical assistance in ramping up water loss control and targeted infrastructure reinvestment. A main goal is better management of water resources which will also help the utility’s business model. This is a forum where you can both share information and take information away with you back to your community.

Steering Committee


  • William Granger, City of Sacramento


  • Sue Mosburg, CA-NV Section AWWA
  • California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA)
  • Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)
  • California Water Efficiency Partnership (CalWEP)
  • Ed Osann, Natural Resources Defense Council


  • Nirmala Benin, Department of Water Resources
  • Bethany Robinson, Beti Girma State Water Resources Control Board

Water Loss Control Collaborative Support -
Thank You to the following

  • Water Systems Optimization, Inc.
  • Cavanaugh and Associates
  • Alan Wyatt
  • George Kunkel, P.E.
  • David Mitchell
  • Alain Lalonde
  • Bruce Macler
  • Joe Berge
  • Richard Relyea
  • Brian Skeens
  • Mike Collignon
  • Chris Hewes
  • Mark Sprague
  • Greg Bundesen
  • Sudhir Kshirsagar
  • Dave Underwood
  • Carissa Boudwin
  • Christine Mead
  • Carl Sharkey 
  • Ricardo Ferreyros

  • Jason Piv
  • Peter V. Sevcik, P.E.
  • Manuel Alvarez
  • Steve Birndorf
  • Richard Souza
  • Dean Wang
  • James Derbin
  • Al Shaikh
  • Grissel Chavez
  • Nashelley Kaplan-Dailey
  • Scott Rogers
  • Angel Quintero
  • Erik Hitchman
  • Dan Hodem
  • Eric Merrick
  • Dana Haasz
  • Diana Williford
  • Richard Gonzales
  • Jim Hawley
  • Todd Thompson